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 Moving Time, I don't have to go home but I can't stay
 Posted: May 16 2017, 03:18 PM
OOC Account

Hey guys!

If I thought 2016 was a positive year for me, 2017 is looking like the golden spoon. Accepted into the university I want, life is almost paid for, and I just got the apartment I wanted. I'm super stoked, but that comes at a cost. I'll be away probably starting on the 28th of May, and HOPEFULLY will return 9th of June. That gives me 2 weeks to pack, sort my life out, unpack, and settle in.

I know some of you may be thinking, "Wait, he hasn't posted a LOA before? What the heck, he hasn't been posting for like, 4 months!" and you may be correct. However, I plan on getting all my posts at least somewhat caught up before I leave, so I have a mountain of new stuff to come back to!

I'll be on up until the 28th of May, and may be on via Data otherwise.
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