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Maelstorm is an original sci fi roleplay forum set in the 27th century in a nebula that is light years away from a dying Earth. The Watchtower space station, the last haven for Earth's descendants, has recently been rocked by a bloody rebellion. As rebels begin to colonize planets in the name of the Terrans, the rest of the nebula's many alien species look on, some with curiosity and some with suspicion.

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Mizuki Komoura -- Hallo!
Klengo -- Huh, does this work?
Corey -- CBox is in the process of getting renewed, until then, please visit discord here
HarperMadi -- A monster hunt, for those who are interested. Due to the fact that any information is "last known" or "Unknown," it could be anywhere in the Nebula.
HarperMadi -- [url=http://maelstromrp.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=1064&st=0&#entry13179]A monster hunt, for those who are interested.[/i] Due to the fact that any information is "last known" or "Unknown," it could be anywhere in the Nebula.

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00001010 Members 11-December 16 0
7302b Members 14-May 17 5 Photo
Aari Enyo Members 28-October 16 24
Aaron Cartwright Members 12-May 16 7
Aboyandhismelon Members 10-August 17 0
Abraham Halvari Members 30-December 16 0
ACCI Members 14-May 17 1
Adam Mallory Members 2-September 16 23
Admin-HRD Members 7-June 16 140
Admiral Members 19-February 17 3 Photo
Adrian Smith Members 16-May 17 1
Adrian Tobias Colditz Members 17-May 17 12
Adwyna Knesi Members 9-April 17 6
Aei.queue Members 20-April 17 0
Aelgest Members 14-May 16 3
Aemi Members 2-August 16 3
Aeolian Members 29-June 16 7
Agidyne Cnyte Members 17-March 17 0
Agious Members 17-August 16 9 Photo
Ahriman Members 21-September 16 6
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