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 The Lottery, Let’s get seedy
Zach Profaci
 Posted: Oct 28 2017, 02:45 PM
Zach Profaci
OOC Account
30-y.o. Card Player/Criminal

”The working man is a fucking sucker, I tell you ... and you? You don’t look like an idiot to me.”

Zach punctuated the statement with a delicate but deliberate drag off of his cigarette; as the smoke gently escaped his mouth, he turned to the bartender and waved the woman over. Zach pointed to the person he had been addressing and then waved the bartender off; there was another drink on its way, yet another drink on his own tab. The well dressed gambler - who seemed to have a thousand stories of both legitimate and dangerous card rooms, as well as general life behind the living legend of a planet that Cistern was - smacked of cool, calm, and confident as the words rolled off his tongue. It was evident he believed them; hell, he was living proof, winning a hundred grand at that high profile poker tournament after coming out of a mine and a loading dock.

”I’m gonna front you two grand. For the month. Every week,” Zach accepted the drink of choice for his compatriot - you - and passed it down. Zach himself took a brief sip of his bourbon, made a face, and continued, ”You tell me how much you wanna wager on three numbers coming out. The winning three numbers will be the top three finishers of race five at the {Santa Ana} track.

“It’s all verifiable and above board,”
there was a sly glance given your way. Zach winked, ”Except that whole tax thing.” Zach dubbed his cigarette out and lit up another one immediately, seemingly trying to balance his taste for bourbon with the flavor of his smokes, ”I pay out weekly when you win. You pay me at the end of the month if you lose.

“To our good fortunes!”
Zach held his drink aloft with a pleasant and inviting grin,looking for a cheers at the succinct but emphatic toast.

DM the following code to @Zach Profaci or Stacks on Discord:

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Numbers:[/b] (1-10; choose three per bet; indicate exacto {10 to 1}, or box {4 to 1}
[b]Wager:[/b] up to 2000

*note: this account can only be paid with verifiable funds, meaning you will need to provide a thread from the current month in which your character - through begging, borrowing, stealing, or somehow earning - has come into money. This is done to add a level of urgency, excitement, and - dare I say it - DANGER to getting your character involved with Zach’s bookmaking!!

**note: if you become inactive without a LOA, Zach will come collecting one month following your character’s last activity in any way that fits with his personal story arc at the time. Providing a LOA will allow an indefinite deferment of payment.

***note: Zach is working with 50,000crd after having won the above linked poker tournament. At the end of the day, though, there is always a chance Zach won’t have enough money to pay your character.
”Well this is how it works this fucking week. Try and do something about it. No?”

****note: it would be wonderful if there were businesses that piggybacked off this model, as maybe we could start some kind of simple economy for the board? I dunno - fuck it, let’s gamble!!
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