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 Tazal's Plotter, ...How do you do, fellow outsiders?
 Posted: Nov 8 2017, 02:20 AM
OOC Account
52-y.o. Emissary of the Anura

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Character Application
52 years old | Anura | Single | Emissary

Current Location:
He can be anywhere. Though it's most likely he'll be shuttling between Hotar-ils and big hubs such as Throne.

About your character's name:
  • Translates to “Tazal of Kali”. Kali refers to one of the small districts in central Irdaws, and is where his current residence is registered.
  • I honestly got the name Tazal from the last area in Bastion.
  • Kali is Swahili for “severe”. Seemed fitting enough.
  • I am bad at making symbolic names.

Plot Ideas:
  • For the most part, Tazal is focused on trying to just help his people. His primary objectives are information-gathering on the nebula’s affairs, bringing home useful technology or resources from the rest of the galaxy, and forging beneficial alliances.
  • Politics - in space!
  • Conflict, chatting, exploration, research, etc… in space.
  • I'm up for basically anything, honestly. Pitch your ideas here (or talk to me on discord) if you’d like to interact. Odds are, we can make something work.

  • Some work colleagues, probably.

  • None really.

  • Last one died.
  • Currently, he’s married to his job.

Notes: Not much to say. I write at the speed of molasses but usually have enough time and motivation to get to responding quick. If it’s been more than a few days, poke me back awake. Note that around midterms or finals I’ll probably get bogged down with studying and such.
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