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 Elizabeth Penry
Elizabeth Penry
 Posted: Apr 13 2017, 10:42 AM
Elizabeth Penry
OOC Account

Name: Elizabeth Penry
OOC Handle: Drake
Playby: (If applicable)
Age: 19
Species: Human
Occupation: Scavenger

user posted image
Build: Slim
Hair: Deep Red
Eyes: Electric Blue
Skin: Pale
Distinguishing Marks: Freckles on her face, a tattoo of a phoenix on her left shoulder
Cybernetics: She has a Cybernetic set of lungs

user posted image
Personality: Elizabeth is a soft spoken girl. By soft spoken, I mean that she follows the saying "Speak softly and carry a big stick" almost religiously. She doesn't care for most people, as they just annoy her. She is not religious at all either. She enjoys scrapping old technologies and modifying them for her own use. (Robot army!!!) She is typically ice cold towards people, but if she has some technology to play with, then she is as happy as a clam.
Mental Strengths: She is really good with any type of technology, taken to reading high-level scientific books and mechanics manuals for fun.
Mental Weaknesses: She is extremely bad with social cues, often not realizing how she is coming across
Physical Strengths: She is stronger than she looks, but only slightly. She is rather quick on her feet.
Physical Weaknesses: She has low endurance, due to her cybernetic lungs, and she is slightly clumsy, prone to knocking stuff over.

user posted image
Character History:
Elizabeth was born to her two parents of Irish descent. Her father had been a mechanic while her mother had been a programmer. She was taken to either one of her parent's workplaces, her mother's when she was younger, but as she grew, she began to visit her father's workshop. This brought her into her love for technology of all kinds.

However, Elizabeth was born with an extremely destructive form of asthma. She was kept away from doing sports or any other physically taxing activities. Throughout her childhood, Elizabeth went through surgeries to get a cybernetic set of lungs. Due to them not growing with her body, she was forced to go through these surgeries multiple times. Making her very bedridden during her adolescent years. It was during these times of recuperation that she would expand her knowledge on any and all technologies. She asked for high level books all the time, surprising her parents, doctors, and nurses.

Since she had no true interaction with those her own age, her social awareness is very underdeveloped.

Several years ago, her parents caught pneumonia. With her cybernetic lungs, Elizabeth was saved from it. Her parents, whose health had already been beginning to fail them, passed away shortly after contracting the disease. Distraught, Elizabeth left her home, now fully grown, in a small, rickety vessel. She has no idea where she plans on going, but anywhere would be better than where she was.

 Posted: Apr 16 2017, 08:05 AM
OOC Account

user posted image

There is a problem with your submission

Avatar size: Avatar image must be set and cropped to 250 x 400px
Images: Image must centered and be no wider than 400px.
Submission template: Please follow the submission template as it has been provided.
Special edits: @Elizabeth Penry - I am curious to know why her cybernetic lungs haven't worked to help her cope with her asthma. If anything, cybernetic replacements are (usually) regarded as superior to biological components. Is there a reason her lungs are not up to spec? Even if those cybernetics were sub-par, is it possible that her technical knowledge could aid her in developing a replacement that could fix those shortcomings? Lots to think about http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

Next steps: Please make the requested edits and post again in this thread to let your reviewer know. If you have questions or concerns about the edits requested, please ask them here in this thread. We need all submission correspondence in the thread, so that we can track changes.
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