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 Site Rules
 Posted: Jun 9 2016, 07:17 AM
OOC Account
-y.o. Shared Staff Account

This site has an RPG rating of: user posted image

Maelstrom is subscribed to the Jcink Premium service. You MUST be 18 years or older to write on Maelstrom. Additionally, any characters being portrayed in sexual situations must be over 18. As our site has a rating of 3/3/3, expect to see swearing, sexual content, and violence of all levels. ENTER THE SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you need more information about the site's rating, please visit RPGrating.com.

As a courtesy to your fellow writers, please try your best to tag what you feel may be potentially upsetting content with a Trigger Warning note in the topic description. Admins reserve the right to place a Trigger Warning note on threads that they feel warrant one.

General Rules
  • We ask that you register an OOC account before you make your first character account, then link your character account and your OOC account in your Control Panel. If you need help linking accounts, just grab a staff member. We'll be happy to help!
  • When you register both your OOC and your IC account usernames, please register in Title Case, i.e., Jane Doe
  • No trolling or harassing other members on the forums, or on our Discord server
  • Only original characters are allowed to be roleplayed here, no fandom crossovers are allowed
  • Keep all OOC content out of IC threads
  • You must have at least one approved Character application to start participating in IC threads, post a Want Ad/Plotter, and create Species and Planets. You must have a link to your application in your mini-profile. Use the "Edit Profile" setting to input the link to your sheet. Before you apply, make sure you read all the Application Rules
  • Killing or mutilating another character is not allowed without express permission from your writing partner
  • Be realistic in your roleplay. No godmoding or meta gaming
  • Plagiarism of other writers’ work will not be tolerated
  • We reserve the right to archive characters who have been inactive for over a month. This goes for their creations as well. Why do we do this? We prefer to have our members browse a Compendium filled with active players who are around to answer questions about their creations. If your character/creations have been archived in error, please reach out to staff and we will retrieve them for you
Application Rules
In-depth application rules can be found in the Application Rules thread. Please make sure you read them in their entirety before applying

Image Rules
  • You must have an avatar that represents your character in use on your character accounts. Avatars must be 250px x 400px. If your avatar is not the correct size, you may be asked to crop it. There are many online image croppers out there. One we recommend is LunaPic
  • You may put images in your applications or posts but they may be no wider 400px
  • Signature files are allowed, but they must be no larger than 400px wide and 200px high
Thread Rules
  • There is no word count on Maelstrom, nor post matching rules
  • Threads operate on liquid timelines. That means that your character can be in as many threads as you'd like at the same time
*Rules are subject to change at site staff’s discretion

Admin-HRD is a shared staff account. If you need to contact a specific staff member, please reach out to a member of the Moderating Team
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