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 Face Claim Thread
Rough Rabbit
 Posted: Mar 12 2016, 09:20 PM
Rough Rabbit
OOC Account

If you would like to reserve a face claim for your character, please post here using the following code and we will add your reservation to the list. You can reserve a face claim for one week at a time. Once your character is approved, use the claim code to claim your face. If your character has not been approved in one week from the time of your first reservation, you must post your reservation again. Replies will be deleted once the claim has been added.

Note: If you have been inactive for over a month without LOA, your claim will be deleted and you will have to re-claim your character's face.

Arundel, Chris as Vuil Bloodstone
Bale, Christian as Wayne Kramervoit
Bardem, Javier as Mr Black
Baruchel, Jay as Ralph Milton
Benson, Ashley as Lyra Nowell
Blagden, George as Kaen Connelly
Bridges, Jeff as Bowerick Arkady
Byrne, Rose as Alexis Parsons
Cavill, Henry as Toby Meriet
Channing, Tatum as Ailbe Byrnes
Clyne, Nicki as Sara Tevara
Cook, Rachael Leigh as Thorn Ironhart
Craig, Daniel as Colt Logan
Crawford, Clayne as Raymond Bates
Day, Charlie as Quill
de Boer, Nicole as Evie Blackburn
Dockery, Michelle as Alexandra Lindstrom
Dormer, Natalie as Gamma
Driver, Adam as Ben Brandeis
Erza Scarlet as Undane Iaive
Fassbender, Michael as Malcom Langly
Fillion, Nathan as Everett Bishop
Ferland, Jodelle as Taba'tha Sep'ne
Gabriel (from "Last Man Standing") as Orin Knox
Garfield, Andrew as Cole Patterson
Glau, Summer as Maeve Oona
Gordon-Levitt, Joseph as Alexander Cage
Hammer, Armie as Phil Landerer
Hildebrand, Brianna as Reese Briggs
Hunnam, Charlie as Finn Hallgerdur
Jones, Felicity as Camryn Rivers
Keitel, Harvey as Cpt. Charles "Decker" Clenn
Lambert, Adam as Lance Evans
Law, Jude as Lockerie Reynard
Law, Jude as Lysander Reynard
Lights as Kaia Starchaser
Lloyd, Harry as Antares Milioti
Lloyd, Harry as Ares Yuval
Lynch, Ross as Aidan Black
O'Brien, Ellie as Kelsey Masters
Macfarlane, Luke as Malik Mason
Madden, Richard as Atticas Kayne
Malone, Jena as Videl Slade
Marais, Jessica as Maria
Marsden, James as Leander
McAvoy, James as Xija
McQueen, Steven R. as Kyle Farnes
Mitchell, Maia as Aria Skysong
Momoa, Jason as Kanaka
Musk, Elon as Anton Krieger
Neeson, Liam as Nikolay Korobeynikov
Pleskun, Yuri as Nyx Kajzik
Porter, Caroline as Caedwynne Laon
Redmayne, Eddie as Diore Meriet-Vlasis
Robinson, Zuleikha as Vi’Ayrazaeh
Rudd, Paul as Ari Avidan
Ryan, Matt as Ian Schlip
Scagliotti, Allison as Emerlee Rakosi
Seyfried, Amanda as Captain Rip Tide
Simm, John as Enoch Smith
Skarsten, Rachel as Melika Alcyone
Thiel, Peter as D'yavol
Tonkin, Phoebe As Kathrijn Bahr
Tveit, Aaron as Crix Meriet
Young, Sean as Jennifer Hayes

Austin Butler is reserved for Laura until 10/23
Ryan Gosling is reserved for Silvershrike until 10/23
Ting-yan (Elkie) Chong is reserved for BookFish until 10/23

To Reserve:
[b]Firstname Lastname[/b] is reserved for [b]OOC Name[/b] until month, day

To Claim:
[b]Lastname, Firstname[/b] as Character Name

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Zach Profaci
 Posted: Oct 18 2017, 08:47 PM
Zach Profaci
OOC Account

Dwan, Tom as Zachary Profaci
Lorcan Rowe
 Posted: Yesterday at 03:46 pm
Lorcan Rowe
OOC Account
68-y.o. Space Bandito

[b]Urban, Karl[/b] as Lorcan Rowe

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