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 The Watchtower
 Posted: Mar 12 2016, 04:57 PM
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The Watchtower
The Watchtower was created when Humanity arrived in the Maelstrom Nebula. Made out of generation ships cobbled together, the makeshift space station came to the sector to monitor and understand the local worlds before settling on a home. Using the larger ships as the hull of the station, humanity began to re-purpose the smaller vessels into research and resource-harvesting vessels. Intent on colonizing, but believing themselves to be all that remain of the Terrans, the people living on The Watchtower did so with the urgent hope of being humanity's last hope.

Although the denizens of this temporary home had bleeding-edge technology, the basics soon became scarce due to limited resources. Food, water, and medicine were rationed, and tensions among the humans rose. There were widescale riots that were quelled in a manner so bloody that none would forget.

Watchtower History
Earth, Terra, the Sol System, the birthplace of humanity. Due to foreseen circumstances that no one did anything about, Earth was starting to decay. Facing overpopulation, a lack of resources, and world wars over clean water, the species began to move out into its own solar system, and then into neighboring ones. And with a lack of habitable worlds nearby, the human race began looking farther into the stars. That was the beginning of Project Watchtower, a fleet of ships sent to a far sector of space with dozens upon dozens of habitable worlds, and even more that are prime candidates for terraforming.

Project Watchtower’s fleet arrived in the Maelstrom Sector nearly 40 years ago, after generations of flight from Earth. Due to a programming flaw, cryo hibernation was faulty, and after the first hundred years, people were waking up from the sleep, in order to exist among the stars. This lasted for several generations as the ships were on their way to Maelstrom. Having arrived, the ships began to meld themselves together, forming Watchtower Station. From here, they are able to monitor the worlds, to try to get themselves off the station and back onto a planet, to start anew.

The ‘fleet,’ and subsequently Watchtower herself, had begun to create a minor caste system. The Educators ran an ad hoc university that remains one of the major areas of the Station, the Industrials were the ones who kept everything in repair and working order, and finally the Judges, the ones who ran the show, told people what to do and how to act. These were political and other charismatic beings who were backed by the Watchtower military, a naval body run by seven admirals.

The class structure was fine during the sojourn to Maelstrom, everyone knew what their task was. Earth was a legend, but when the station was created, the Educators alerted everyone to hospitable worlds, but the Judges held back the settlements. The Industrials, the ‘lowest’ and most blue collar of the classes began to take issue with this, and began constructing prefabricated dropships, all the same. When they were about to launch, this was shut down by the Judges and began to create a rift in the caste structure of Watchtower.

Now, the Educators are working double-time to try to find a world, one free of other species and one that mirrors what they know of Earth, and they are working together with the Industrials to began constructing dropships and terraforming equipment out of non-essential systems. The Judges, of course, are always watching.

The State of Humanity
Referred to more commonly as Terrans, or Sols, on their star, the descendants of Humanity have been among the stars and a variety of worlds and moons for generations. As a result, the species, one that has been looked at by certain races as a very adaptable species, have seen their shares of trials and tribulations, and have always come out the better for it. This is in no small part to the species’ ingenuity. Able to graft their own biology to that of cybernetic parts, the ‘human condition’ has changed and untold possibilities have opened up. Humanity is now able to be stronger, faster, more intelligent, and of course, more deadly.

On the flip side, there has been an evolution, be it time, the amount of radiation from life among the stars, it is unknown what was the catalyst, but JACK, a computer that monitors life signs among the citizens of Watchtower, has noticed a change in the genetic code and a new sub-class of humans known as ‘posthumans’ arsing.

It is unknown their limits quite yet, however, it is evident that there are some who can understand surface thoughts, but more and more that have unpredictable abilities.

The year is 2650. Where will the Terrans go from here?

Watchtower Rebellion and Exodus
As humanity made their place in Maelstrom, their home, the Watchtower Station, began to become just too small. Seeing the Nebula that was out there, humanity began to reach for the stars. Lead by the Educators, teams of explorers were jumping between the various worlds of the regions, hunting planets that could support human life, as well as resources to build a future settlement. With these trips, several worlds were found.

From here, the Industrials were working to take the humans off Watchtower. The Judges, the leaders of the Watchtower Humans saw fault in this, trying to protect so many people across so many regions of space, as a difficult task. That was until a twitchy trigger finger fired the first shot.

From there, Rebellion broke out, with the local species coming in to help both sides of this exodus. While the smoke is still clearing, one thing is for sure, some humans are on the Tower, and others made it to the freedom of the stars.

There is now a Watchtower rebel colony on Domus, a planet that is home to prehistoric Earth-beasts. The odds of survival seem insurmountable for the rebels. Will the colony survive or become a casualty in the name of independence?

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