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 Application Rules
 Posted: Mar 12 2016, 05:24 PM
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General Application Rules:
Maelstrom depends on you, the members to create its world. You can start by either creating a Character, Species, or a Planet, or all three if you'd like. When you apply, please use our templates and do not alter our template. Please submit finished applications only. No WIP applications please. If you would like to make WIP creations, you may use The Workshop, but only after you have at least one character approved on the site and have requested a forum.

NOTE: If admins ask for edits to your submissions, please notify us by posting in your submission thread that the edits have been made. Otherwise, we won't know that your application is ready for re-review. Telling us in Discord is not a reliable way to inform us and is in violation of our Discord Rules.

Character Rules:
The Character Application lives here. You must post the application on your character account and have an avatar that clearly represents your character. Your avatar can be any image, be it a photo or an illustration. Please make sure it is 250 x 400 pixels. If your images are not the correct size, you may be asked to crop them. There are many online image croppers out there. One we recommend is LunaPic. If you would like to reserve a face claim, visit our Face Claims Thread. You can play as a human or as one of the available alien species in the Compendium, or you can create your own species! Just submit your species at the same time as your character, and link to it in your application. For the Character History section, please give us 300 words (or more) of character history.

If you're playing as a human, your character probably lives on the Watchtower, but perhaps you've broken away from the station to become a colonist, a pirate, or a nomad? Or maybe you were descended from an earlier human colony that landed in the Nebula before the Watchtower humans arrived. You can be as creative as possible with your origin story as long as it fits the setting. Want to play a human with powers? No problem! We'll accept transhuman characters, i.e., those who have been supernaturally altered in some way, either with cybernetics, a quirk in the gene pool, or radiation. All we ask is that you be reasonable with your powers, explain how your character ended up with those powers, and don't create god-like, indestructible beings.

Please note: If you create a character of a custom species that you also create, the species must be approved before we can approve the character.

Species Rules:
The Species Application lives here. Your Species must be sentient, and must be playable by other members. Please be reasonable about how many inhuman powers you give your Species. We're going for a medium sci-fi feel, not Marvel comics. If Staff feels that your Species is too god-like or beyond the scale of what we're looking for, for example, over-sized leviathans, we may ask you for edits. We will accept "biological immortality" as a racial trait if you feel that your species warrants it, however there is a 2,000 year old cap on it. We'd rather not have a lot of Mary Sues running around the board, so please use this trait sparingly.

Please note: if your character has a power that is innate to his or her species, that power cannot be taught to characters of a different species.

If you are making a human-like species, please make sure that they are different enough to be standalone from humans as a whole. If your species is basically human, but with a slight difference (e.g. all have purple eyes, they all have rainbow hair), the species will be rejected. One can make a character like this and list them as human if they like though.

We ask that members do not create species solely to be objects of fetishisation or sex appeal, Of course they can be conventionally attractive but this should not be their main selling point. This might seem slightly patronising but it is something we face more than one would hope.

If you are not creating a home world for your species, please list them as "Immigrant" and be as detailed as possible about where they live in the Maelstrom Nebula. Does your Species live on a wandering fleet? Or several colonies spread out on different planets? If it has settled in large groups on several planets in Maelstrom's galaxy, please list out those planets. Your Species can be inspired by your favorite fandom, but no fandom crossover species will be allowed. We're looking for original submissions to help shape our world.

Keep in mind that when you submit your species to the Compendium, and it becomes accepted, other members will be able to play them. That means that your species becomes part of the board's lore. If others are roleplaying as your species, they may not always represent your species the way that you intended them to. Be flexible and open to different interpretations of your creation. For more on the use of the Compendium, please see this Note About the Compendium

The Site Staff holds the right to request edits of submissions where the species is depicted by images of well-known alien races in popular culture, especially those from Star Wars and Star Trek.

A note on species creation:
  • Members may make one species for free**
  • Creation of additional species is allowed as a reward for In-Character posts (10 for 2nd Species, 25 for 3rd Species, 50 for 4th Species, 75 for 5th Species, etc)
Note regarding technology:
Your species can use all manner of technology, but super weapons (WMDs and the like) are not allowed on the site. Staff reserves the right to ask for edits if we feel that your species has technology that may be abused in roleplay.

Planet Rules:
The Planet Application lives here. If you make a custom planet for your species, you may use the Other Worlds forum to RP on it. There is no current cap on planet creation.

Extended Lore:
Once your species and planets are approved, you may optionally add additional lore to your submissions. Here is the system for adding extended lore. Note: Any additional lore that you develop, must not involve mass destruction of player-created worlds or races, or weapons of mass destruction. No Starkiller Bases allowed.

*Rules are subject to change as Staff's discretion

**All species made before 27 May 2016 will be grandfathered in. What is the reasoning behind the new rules? While the world-building aspect of Maelstrom is exciting, the site is primarily a roleplaying site. To make an analogy, the main course should be roleplaying with world building as a side dish. These new rules are meant to put the focus back on threading, and to encourage writers to build up and expand on their own lore by developing characters in roleplay.

Admin-HRD is a shared staff account. If you need to contact a specific staff member, please reach out to a member of the Moderating Team
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